Beyond a Meal: The In-Depth Analysis of Breakfast and Its Impact on Obesity Prevention- A Comprehensive Review.
Rupal Kumar , Moattar Raza Rizvi.

Crossed Renal Ectopia. Embryological Basis of the Rare Entity.
Ashfaq ul Hassan , M. Saleem Wani ,Shomala Jan.

Original Articles
Correlation of Carotid Atherosclerosis with Different Types of Ischemic Strokes Determined by Ultrasound of Neck Vessels.
Syed Maqbool Ahmad , Irfan Ahmad Bhat , Samia Rashid.

Ventricular Septal Defect – Surgical Outcome.
Noor Ali , Ishtyak Ahmed Mir , Arvind Kohli.

Profile of Giant Abdominal Masses: An Experience of 30 Cases and Review of Literature
Talib Hussain, Sanjay Sharma, Abhinav Mani, Sanjay Kumar Bhasin.

Correlation Between Axial Length and Anterior Chamber Depth in Short, Normal and Long Eyes in Kashmiri Population.
Syed Sadaf Altaf , Asif Amin Vakil , Sabia Rashid.

Loss of Hippocampal Striations on 3.0 T MRI as an Effective Diagnostic Parameter for Mesial Temporal Sclerosis.
Imran Nazir Salroo , Reyaz Ahmad Mir, R. Emmanuel ,Musaddiq Rafiq Bhat

Effect of Complementary Care Pregnancy Exercise to Level of Anxiety in Pregnant Women.
Susanti, Munirah Mohd Hassan, Musher,Abdulwahid Al-jaber, Fardila Elba, Razlyn Amieza Binti Aron, Sandeep Poddar

To Estimate the Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders Among the Patients Attempting Suicide Reporting to a Tertiary Care Centre: A Cross Sectional Study.
Kumar A, Banal R, Menia A, Sahni B, Zutshi V.

Clinicohistopthological Study of Leprosy Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre – A 5 Years Institutional Study.
Kiran Sharma, Ameet Kaur, Era Hans,Jyotsna Suri.

A Insight to Hepatobiliary Disease: Comparative Study of De Ritis Ratio and R-Value.
Gobardhan Kathariya, Alka Singh, Rohit Gondwal, Vijay Chaudhary.

Perception and Action of the Oral Health Professionals Towards a Rise in Domestic Violence in the Covid – 19 Pandemic: A Questionnaire Based, Cross Sectional Study.
Ambar Khan , Anmol Razdan , Sunil Kumar , Ananthalekshmy Rajeev , Hina Naim, Abdul , Manawar Ahmad Mansoor.

Impact of Urban Waste Management on Public Health and Role 0f Amrut Scheme: A Study of Jammu & Kashmir, India.
Rubaya Akther ,Danish Gulzar , Muzafer Rasool.


Islamic Doctrines on Spiritual Intelligence in Health Care Set Up .
Thorakkal Shamim

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